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supplements formulated to support your dog's health and wellness.

  • Fish Oil with Vitamin E for Dogs and Cats by Fera Pets

    245 Reviews

    Fish Oil

    We created our Fish Oil as a do-it-all supplement for your dog or cat! It all starts by supporting a healthy skin and coat. But the benef...

  • FERA Bundle
    15% off bundle

    18 Reviews

    FERA Bundle

    Give your furry best friend or fellow dog lover a healthy gift with Fera's essential line of pet supplements! Essential bundle includes: ...

  • Vegan Omega-3, 6, 9s Algae Oil

    53 Reviews

    Vegan Omega-3, 6, 9s Algae Oil

    Naturally rich in Omega-3s, our algae oil is the only plant-based oil that has the highest concentrations of both EPA & DHA. The full...

  • Puppy Starter Kit
    15% off bundle

    2 Reviews

    Puppy Starter Kit

    Fera's veterinarian and CEO, Dr. Dulake, recommends these 3 essential supplements for your puppy! Give your new addition a great start wi...

  • Senior Dog Bundle
    15% off bundle

    3 Reviews

    Senior Dog Bundle

    As your dog gets older, you may see signs of aging like arthritis, decreased cognitive function, cardiac disease, and other health issues...

Formulas you can fully trust

We combine Eastern and Western medicine for a holistic approach to pet health. Our supplements are formulated to be preventative and effective using the highest quality ingredients and precise dosing.

A new standard of

pet supplements,

one ingredient at a time.

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  • Effective dosing

  • 3rd-Party Tested

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