5 Lick Matt Recipes and Why You Should be Using One!
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5 Lick Matt Recipes and Why You Should be Using One!

Unlock hidden benefits for your pet with versatile Lick Mats. Promote mental stimulation, encourage healthy eating habits, and support oral hygiene – all while treating your furry friend! Discover new recipes, enrich their routine, and transform their playtime. Experience a revolution in pet well-being today.

Lick Mats are everywhere you look these days, but what are they and why should you use one?

Lick mats are rubber or silicone mats that have a patterned and textured surface. They come in all shapes and sizes including cute designs like flowers and fish. Some have suction cups on the back to allow them to stick to surfaces like bathtubs and doors. The suction cups also keep your pet from sliding all around the house while they are lick. The textured surface of the lick mat makes it harder for your dog to get the food spread on top and promotes them actively working for their treat or meal.

Now we know what a lick mat is, but why should pet owners use them?

Lick mats have a range of benefits for your pet like:

    • Providing mental stimulation. Lick mats are fun and a stimulating activity for dogs. Turn a quick treat into a mental game.
    • Encourages slower eating habits. The longer your dog takes to eat the better the digestion! Slowing down a quick eater can have significant health benefits. It also reduces the risk of bloat.
    • Can be a calming reinforcing tool. Use a lick mat as a positive tool during times like nail trimming and baths.
    • Alleviates stress. When a dog licks, it calms and soothes them. Lick mats can be used to distract dogs during stressful situations like during fireworks or having house guests.
    • Supports good oral hygiene. Lick mats help scrape bacteria from your dog’s mouth leading to an overall better oral hygiene!

What can you put on a lick mat?

Lick mats are an incredible way to give your dog their supplements! You can sprinkle powdered supplements on top or mix them into your base ingredients. Pour oils on top and finish with treats. Feed them to dogs frozen for an added level of difficulty.

There are so many ingredients that can be put on a lick mat! We’ve come up with a list of 5 bases and a recipe to go with each of them.

dog lick mat with baby food and supplements

  1. Baby Food

Baby food can provide dog owners with a convenient healthy variety of foods to apply to lick mats. Baby food should only be fed in moderation.

Ensure you are only feeding dog safe ingredients and watch for harmful additives.

dog lick matt with raw meat and dog supplements

  1. Raw Meat

Raw meats like ground beef can easily be applied to lick mats. When using raw meat always use food safe practices and proper hygiene.

dog lick mat with pumpkin and supplements

  1. Pureed Fruits & Vegetables

What could be simpler than a pureed fruit or veggie. One of our all-time favorites is pumpkin. Another great idea is to smash a banana into the lick mat.

Fruits and vegetables can provide your dog with fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Take the time to research what fruits and vegetables are dog safe.

dog lick mat with greek yogurt and supplements

  1. Greek Yogurt

PLAIN Greek yogurt and ONLY plain Greek Yogurt is safe to feed your dog. You can not give a dog yogurt that is flavored and full of sugar. Greek yogurt is a great natural probiotic for your dog and can help with gut health.

peanut butter dog lick mat with supplements and treats

  1. Peanut Butter

Not all peanut butters are safe for dogs. The peanut butter you feed your dog can not contain xylitol. It is best to use an all-natural peanut butter that contains only peanuts. Peanut butter is high in calories in fat so only feed it to your pet in moderation.

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