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  • Goat Milk Bundle
    20% off bundle

    5 Reviews

    Goat Milk Bundle

    Whether you're a goat milk fanatic, have a multi-pet household or want to gift these deliciously nutritious toppers to a fellow pet lover...

  • Happy Heart Bundle
    15% off bundle

    2 Reviews

    Happy Heart Bundle

    The unique benefits of taurine, CoQ10, and omega-3s are crucial to support your pet's heart and cardiac function. Taurine plays a vital r...

  • Detox + Revive Bundle
    15% off bundle

    2 Reviews

    Detox + Revive Bundle

    Let’s face it - toxins and pollutants are everywhere. While our pet’s bodies have natural systems to eliminate these toxins, sometimes th...

  • Healthy Aging Bundle
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    1 Reviews

    Healthy Aging Bundle

    Want to keep your pet feeling furrrr-ever young? Stock up on longevity-boosting ingredients with Fera’s Healthy Aging Bundle! This bundle...

  • Senior Cat Bundle
    15% off bundle

    1 Reviews

    Senior Cat Bundle

    As your cat gets older, you may see signs of aging like arthritis, decreased cognitive function, cardiac disease, and other health issues...

  • Immunity Boost Bundle
    15% off bundle

    1 Reviews

    Immunity Boost Bundle

    Just like humans, our pet’s immune system plays a critical role in defending against harmful invaders such as pesky viruses, bacteria, an...

  • Kitten Starter Kit
    15% off bundle

    Kitten Starter Kit

    Bringing a new kitten home is so special, but we understand it can also feel overwhelming. We're here to be your trusted source so you ha...

  • No Bad Hair Days Bundle
    15% off bundle

    2 Reviews

    No Bad Hair Days Bundle

    Us humans like to look and feel our best, so why shouldn’t this extend to our pets too! Keep your furry friends looking and feeling silky...

  • No Stress Bundle
    15% off bundle

    4 Reviews

    No Stress Bundle

    Whether your pet struggles with separation anxiety, becomes nervous during thunderstorms, or just needs a little extra chill, we’ve got y...

Formulas you can fully trust

We combine Eastern and Western medicine for a holistic approach to pet health. Our supplements are formulated to be preventative and effective using the highest quality ingredients and precise dosing.

A new standard of

pet supplements,

one ingredient at a time.

  • Vet-Created

  • Effective dosing

  • 3rd-Party Tested

  • Clean Ingredients

  • High % of Actives