6 Pawsome Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

6 Pawsome Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

Discover the ancient health secret for pets – goat milk! Transform your pet's health with essential vitamins, minerals, and powerful benefits for digestion, immunity, and beyond. Don't let your furry friend miss out on this nutrient-packed dairy wonder. Unlock the extraordinary world of goat milk today!

For centuries, goat milk has been utilized around the world for its plethora of health benefits. It contains more essential vitamins and minerals than cow’s milk and is the only dairy that can be safely consumed by any mammal, your pets included! 

Whether you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious treat for your furry friends or a supplement to alleviate mild health concerns, goat milk is an excellent option for many reasons. Read on to learn some of the benefits of goat milk for dogs and cats and the best ways to offer it to your pets. 

The 6 Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

1. Supports the Digestive System 

Goat milk is rich in proteins called lactase enzymes that make the sugars in the milk easier to digest. It’s also packed with a variety of gut-friendly perks such as probiotics and A2 beta-casein, which are known to promote a population of healthy bacteria in your pet’s digestive system. 

If your pet has a sensitive stomach or is struggling with gas, bloating, or diarrhea, a goat milk supplement could help immensely. 

2. Stronger Immune System 

Your pet’s gut health plays a huge role in the overall efficiency of their immune system. Since goat milk helps feed the good bacteria in the digestive tract, your pet’s natural defenses against illness and disease will be supported. 

The antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C present in goat milk also protect cells from oxidative stress, which further protects the immune system. 

3. Food Allergy Relief 

Common pet food ingredients such as beef, chicken, cow dairy, and soy can cause our four-legged companions to develop food intolerances that manifest in the form of very uncomfortable symptoms including:

  • Skin allergies
  • Hair loss
  • Abdominal bloating or cramps
  • Eye discharge
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea 

Goat milk is a wonderful supplement for pets with food allergies because of the A2 beta-casein (unlike cow’s milk which contains A1 beta-casein) and the lactase enzymes’ ability to break down lactose. 

4. Healthier Skin and Coat 

Raw goat milk works both inside and out to create a more lustrous fur coat and glowing skin. 

The milk is rich in biotin, an essential B vitamin that promotes healthier skin and strengthens hair follicles to prevent dry and brittle fur. When consumed, the biotin will deliver the nourishment needed for your pet’s cells to produce sebum and create luminous fur and skin.

If your pet has dry skin, itchy patches, or hot spots, try externally applying a small amount of goat milk to the affected area. The high amount of fatty acids can penetrate the skin and provide much-needed moisture while soothing any existing issues. 

5. Reduces Inflammation 

There is an abundance of vitamins and minerals naturally found in goat milk that fight inflammation inside the body including selenium, fatty acids, and zinc. 

Pets with arthritis and achy joints can greatly benefit from goat milk for this reason. 

6. Provides Hydration

Staying hydrated is just as important for our pets’ health as it is for ours. Luckily, goat milk is approximately 85% water. 

The electrolytes and sodium naturally found in goat milk also help maintain your pet’s body temperature and maintain a healthy balance of fluids in their body. 

How to Give Goat Milk to Your Pets 

Meal Topper Supplement 

It’s easy to add all the benefits of goat milk to your pet’s favorite food with a meal topper supplement, and we’ve made it even easier with our brand-new goat milk toppers for dogs and cats. 

Fera Pet Organics’ powdered milk toppers retain the unique blend of natural fats, carbohydrates, and proteins found in goat milk while utilizing other organic ingredients to address specific pet health problems and keep your pets healthy for years to come. Here is a look at each nutritiously delicious option: 

  • Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper: This supplement is made with only the best joint support ingredients including green-lipped mussel, MSM, and glucosamine. It’s ideal for daily maintenance of your pet’s joints or alleviating symptoms of more serious issues like hip dysplasia. 
  • Calm Milk Topper: This simple yet effective blend uses the power of Ashwagandha, passion flower, and GABA to promote relaxation by calming how the brain reacts to stressful situations. 
  • Immune Milk Topper: Give your precious pet a boost of immunity with this goat milk topper that strengthens the gut microbiome and prevents pathogens from accessing the rest of the body.
  • Multivitamin Milk Topper: This daily supplement fuels your pet’s body with the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy and energized including calcium, phosphorous, and potassium.
  • Skin & Coat Milk Topper: With extra boosts of collagen, biotin, and Vitamin C, this daily supplement will have your pet looking and feeling their very best. 

Stand-Alone Side Dish 

The creamy goodness of goat milk can be enjoyed as a tasty snack all on its own. Here are some serving suggestions based on your pet’s size:

  • Under 20 pounds - Up to 2oz per day
  • 20-40 pounds - Up to 4oz per day
  • 50-80 pounds - Up to 8oz per day
  • 80+ pounds - Up to 10oz per day

Both raw and pasteurized goat milk are considered safe for pets, but be aware that there is a small risk of salmonella with raw milk. 

Frozen Treat 

Frozen goat milk makes for a fun treat, especially on a hot day. Just use any ice cube mold to freeze the milk and any other ingredients your pet will love such as bone broth or pureed fruit.

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