Charcuterie For Your Dog

Charcuterie For Your Dog

Unleash your dog's taste buds with our summer charcuterie board, featuring fresh ingredients, specialty cookies, and single protein treats! Transform treat time into a drool-worthy experience and capture the perfect Instagram or TikTok moment with our no-bake dog treats and tropical crackers recipe.

Your dog is going to be drooling over this charcuterie board (and not too shabby Instagram or TikTok). Dog charcuterie boards are all the rave this summer and we are here to show you our very special charcuterie recipe filled with fresh ingredients, specialty cookies, and single protein treats. To top things off, we are making no-bake dog treats and tropical crackers! We have no doubt that these will be your new favorite homemade recipes for your pups!

charcuterie board for your dog

It doesn’t get easier than our tropical crackers made in a blender. They smell so good, you’ll have a hard time believing you made them for your dog! And who doesn’t love a no-bake cookie? You’ll be surprised how quickly this charcuterie board comes together!

First, follow the recipes below and make our Tropical Crackers and No-Bake Dog Treats.

charcuterie board for your dog

To start decorating our charcuterie board, we visited our local pet store. We found two specialty cookies to bring our board to life, a shark and an octopus! Your local pet store will have some fun seasonal styles! Place your decorative cookies on opposite sides of the board to start. Next, add some fresh whole berries (we used strawberries) and leave the tops on! There are extra nutrients on the top that benefit our pups! You can add a protein dog treat of your choice next (we used salmon cakes and broke the patties in large sized chunks). 

Can’t forget to add the tropical crackers you baked earlier, along with the no-bake treats. Don’t be afraid to move things around! Getting everything placed where you want it is a process. Arrange your crackers and no-bake treats where they look aesthetically appealing.

Fill in the rest of your board with fresh foods that your dog loves! We used cucumber, apples, and mozzarella. Cut your fresh ingredients into strips and layer them together. We highly recommend fresh charcuterie boards for our furry family members since they are nutrient rich and have amazing flavors your dog will love!

tropical dog cracker recipe

Tropical Dog Crackers

One of our all-time favorite ways to prepare baking is in a blender! So, you know that’s what we are doing with these crackers. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

1. Add all your dry ingredients but 2 TBSP of oats to your blender.

2. Finish by adding the coconut water.

3. Pulse in your blender until smooth.

4. Add the remaining 2 TBSP and pulse until you have a thick dough. You may need to add more oats using your best judgment. You’re looking for a thicker and dryer dough that can be rolled out afterwards.

5. Get a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper. Fold the parchment paper in half.

6. Place your dough onto half of your parchment paper and fold the other side over top.

7. Use a rolling pin to roll your dough between ¼ and ½ inch thick.

tropical dog cracker recipe

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Set a timer for 10-minutes and remove your crackers from the oven. Carefully cut your crackers into squares. Return your squares to the oven for the remaining bake time.

 This recipe makes 18 squares making each square a 1/3 dosage of Fera Pet Organics Bladder Supplement. Always ensure that you are calculating dosage when using supplements in your baking.

tropical dog cracker recipe

no bake dog cookies

No Bake Dog Treats

Making treats for your dogs has never been easier or healthier! We use only oats, peanut butter, and Fera Pet Organics immune boosting Mushroom Support Supplement to make these no bake treats.

Always be sure to use a single ingredient peanut butter to avoid harmful and potentially dangerous additives.

no bake dog cookies

For this kind of treat we have always found it easiest to mix with your hands. Put all your ingredients in a glass mixing bowl and mix thoroughly until you can form balls. Form 8 balls similar in size, but they don’t have to be perfect!

This recipe makes 8 balls making each square a 1/2 dosage of Fera Pet Organics Mushroom Supplement. Always ensure that you are calculating dosage when using supplements in your baking.

no bake dog cookies

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