10 Essential Vitamins for Dogs and Cats That Your Pet Needs to Stay Healthy

10 Essential Vitamins for Dogs and Cats That Your Pet Needs to Stay Healthy

Uncover the secret to choosing the right vitamins for your pet's balanced diet. As a seasoned veterinarian, I'm with you every step of the way. Read on for my top 10 vitamin recommendations, all geared to ensure your pet's health, growth, and development. Empower yourself with this must-read guide!

Vitamins are organic molecules that promote normal cell function, growth, and development. That’s why they’re an essential part of any balanced diet, including your pet’s. 

Choosing the right vitamins and supplements for your pet can be a challenge, but as a practicing veterinarian and acupuncturist, I’m here to make it easy! Here are 10 vitamins for dogs and cats that your pet needs to stay fueled for all of your adventures along with natural supplement recommendations for each. 

10 of the Most Important Vitamins for Dogs and Cats 

While all of the vitamins listed below are essential to your pet’s health, I recommend discussing your companion’s unique dietary needs with a veterinarian. They will be able to examine your pet and determine which vitamins will benefit them the most. 

1. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is one of the most crucial nutrients for most species. Not only does it support nearly every organ in the body, but It’s responsible for aiding vision and skin health, powering the immune system, and stimulating the production of white blood cells. 

There are many food sources rich in Vitamin A including pumpkin and goat milk, both of which happen to be excellent treats for pets. Check out these goat milk meal toppers and other supplements from Fera Pet Organics that supply an ample amount of Vitamin A for your furry friends: 

2. Vitamin B

This family of water-soluble compounds provides your pet’s body with a plethora of health benefits. Not only do they provide energy by turning carbohydrates into glucose, but they promote healthy blood flow, facilitate glowing skin and fur coats, improve hormonal imbalances, and more. 

If your four-legged companion is struggling with chronic skin problems, increased cholesterol levels, constipation, extreme fatigue, or premature greying, they may have a Vitamin B deficiency. Try these supplements packed with Vitamin B to give their bodies the nutrients they need to thrive: 

3. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is one of your pet’s strongest allies when it comes to battling illness and staying healthy. 

It acts as a natural antioxidant while protecting cells from being altered or destroyed during the oxidation process. This makes it a go-to for many holistic veterinarians like myself for conditions as simple as kennel cough to more serious issues like degenerative joint disease. 

Unlike humans, the bodies of dogs and cats can produce their own Vitamin C. Before offering Vitamin C to your pet, I recommend discussing your ideas with your veterinarian beforehand. If you both agree your furry friend could use a little boost of Vitamin C, here are some wholesome supplements that are sure to do the trick: 

4. Vitamin D 

Commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin,” Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining optimal health in dogs and cats by balancing the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

However, it will take more than a little sunbathing for your companion to get those essential nutrients. 

Their skin is unable to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun’s rays, so their only source of the compound is their diet. That’s where a healthy brand of pet food and supplements comes into play. Make sure your pet’s food contains at least 500 IU (international units) of Vitamin D for dog food and 280 IU for cats. 

Here are some natural supplements for dogs and cats that can also help your pet achieve their daily dose of Vitamin D:

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps the body neutralize free radicals caused by oxidative stress. In turn, this leads to a healthier heart, immune system, liver, cell function, skin, coat, and more. 

Whether you’re hoping to improve the lustrous feel of your pet’s skin and coat or give some flexibility back to their achy joints, here are some great supplements that can help: 

5. Iron 

Iron is the key to your pet’s circulatory system and several other functions. Without it, their body would be deficient in red blood cells and hemoglobin and would not be able to properly regulate the metabolism or digestive system. 

A lack of iron could result in anemia and other associated health problems like lethargy, lack of appetite, and dark stool. Make sure your furry friend gets the iron they need with these holistic supplements: 

6. Zinc 

Many of the enzymes, proteins, and hormones in your pet’s body rely on zinc to adequately function. It’s also a must-have for your pet’s immune system and thyroid, making it one of the most important vitamins for dogs and cats. 

Zinc deficiencies are rare in animals, but not unheard of. Puppies, kittens, and pets on a low-quality diet may experience bouts of zinc deficiency, resulting in infections, crusty paw pads, and hair loss. 

Here are some of Fera Pet Organics’ zinc-rich supplements that can help prevent your sweet pet from experiencing those undesirable symptoms: 

7. Calcium 

Calcium is a powerhouse mineral and the main building block of the body’s bones and teeth. It’s also known to help facilitate muscle movement, stimulate wound healing, keep the heart in rhythm, aid in digestion, and prompt the release of hormones. 

The mineral can be found in many healthy human foods for pets such as cheese, yogurt, and spinach, but you can also utilize these daily supplements to ensure your pet is getting enough calcium from their diet: 

8. Phosphorous 

Phosphorous works hand-in-hand with calcium to maintain your pet’s bones and teeth. It can also team up with other minerals in the body to form compounds that further assist in normal body function such as comprising nucleic acids in DNA and RNA. 

In short, phosphorous is essential to the fabric of your pet’s very being. 

Here are just a few of supplements that can help your pets get the phosphorous they need each day:

9. Magnesium 

Did you know that magnesium is right behind calcium and phosphorous as the most common mineral in bones? It’s also a major contributor to muscle function and heart health. 

To ensure your pet is getting enough magnesium from their diet, try incorporating these holistic supplements: 

10. Potassium 

All the running, playing, and pouncing your pet does each day is powered by potassium. This essential mineral allows the nerves to send impulses for voluntary and involuntary movement, including keeping the heart pumping. 

With so many important functions, potassium should be an imperative part of your pet’s diet. Check out these vet-recommended supplements for dogs and cats that provide a healthy dose of potassium:

Let Us Change the Way You Think About Pet Supplements 

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