Back to School, Bagged Lunch for Your Dog
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Back to School, Bagged Lunch for Your Dog

Unleash your pup's inner student with our DIY doggie lunch! Savor a mouth-watering chicken wrap, followed by delightful berry oat cookies, packed with Fera Pet Organics' supplements for a nutritious meal. Snap an Instagram-worthy moment as your fur baby relishes their back-to-school treat!

Everyone’s getting ready for back to school and maybe that means doggie daycare for your four-legged bestie! Or maybe you’re just a crazy dog mom looking for a fun way to bring back to school to your pup! Maybe you’re looking for a fun Instagramable moment? We’ve got you covered with this delicious and nutritious fun bagged lunch for your dog!

What can you find in every lunch bag across America? Either a sandwich or a wrap!  We are thinking outside the box and making a dog friendly chicken wrap! Don’t forget that no lunch is complete without dessert! We are baking berry oat blender dog cookies! Pack your wrap and cookies in your dog’s lunch bag and they will have a delicious lunch that all the other dogs will be jealous of!

all the ingredients to make your dog a chicken wrap and cookies for lunch

chicken wrap for your dog

Doggie Lunch Wrap

We are all about the easy and healthy ways to create fun recipes for your pets! What’s more convenient for lunch on the go than a wrap?

There’s no need for fancy instructions here! Start with your wrap to begin adding the layers. First add a bed of lettuce. We have a dog that LOVES her vegetables but feel free to use any vegetable that your dog enjoys. We had the perfect chicken nugget style dog treats but you can add any protein-based dog treats that your dog loves. Super boost your wrap with nutrition by adding Fera Pet Organics Supplements.

 We added the correct daily dosage for one of our golden retrievers. Always ensure that you are providing the correct dose based on your pet’s current weight.

We give two pumps of Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil and two Hip + Joint soft chews

Then fold your wrap (there is no wrong way to do this), cut it in half, place it in a sandwich bag and your lunch bag is ready to go!

chicken wrap for your dog

berry oat blender dog cookies

Berry Oat Blender Dog Cookies

We love to make cookies in the blender! You’ll find yourself returning to this recipe time and time again for its convenience.

1. Add all your dry ingredients to your blender.

2. Then add the coconut water and strawberries.

3. Open 4 capsules of Fera Pet Organics cardiac support supplement. Sprinkle the supplement into the blender and discard the casing. A 4-capsule dose is based on the weight of a golden retriever. When using supplements always ensure that you are providing the correct dose based on your pet’s current weight.

berry oat blender cookies for your dog

berry oat blender cookies for your dog

4. Blend until an evenly mixed dough forms.

5. Preheat your oven to 350.

6. Scoop your cookies into 16 even size cookies on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

7. Bake your cookies for 20 minutes. When your cookies are cooled, add some to your lunch bag.

This recipe makes 16 small cookies making each square a 1/4 dosage of Fera Pet Organics Cardiac Supplement. Always ensure that you are calculating dosage when using supplements in your baking.

You’ve now made your dog the perfect bagged lunch.

berry oat blender cookies for your dog

berry oat blender cookies for your dog

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