Nutrition for Dogs with Liver Disease

Nutrition for Dogs with Liver Disease

Shield your dog's precious health from liver disease – spot the signs early and nourish their body with 12 powerful herbs and foods. Regain control, restore their vitality, and cherish a happy, healthy bond with your beloved pet. Discover the secrets to liver protection now!

Discovering that your beloved dog has a health condition can be an overwhelming experience.  Canine liver disease can have serious consequences for your pet's health. The liver plays a crucial role in filtering toxins and waste from the body, but when a dog develops liver disease, it loses its ability to perform this function effectively. As a result, toxins can accumulate in the body, potentially leading to damage to the brain and heart.

To help protect your dog's health, it is important to be aware of the signs of liver disease, which include increased urination, vomiting, yellowing of the eyes and skin (also known as jaundice), seizures, and loss of appetite. Catching the disease early is crucial to ensure that your pet receives the treatment they need to avoid liver failure.

If you suspect that your dog may have liver disease, it's important to work closely with your veterinarian to develop an action plan that will help your pet manage the condition effectively. By taking a proactive approach and keeping a watchful eye on your dog's health, you can help ensure that they receive the care and support they need to stay healthy and happy.

Here are 12 herbs and foods that promote liver health:

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a flowering herb well known for supporting liver function in dogs, cats, and people alike. The active compounds in milk thistle are called silymarins. This group of flavonoids help repair damaged liver cells and support production of new liver cells. They also help protect the liver from toxins binding to it and protect against free radical damage.

milk thistle for pet liver health


Zinc is an essential mineral and antioxidant. Zinc is the second most important mineral in your dog’s body. Did you know that zinc is essential for more than 300 bodily processes? 

Zinc helps reduce already built-up amounts of copper in the liver. Zinc also stops foods that contain copper from causing further harm. In some cases lowering the amount of copper and increasing the amount of zinc can cause significant health improvements for pets with liver disease. Natural and commercial dog food diets can be low in zinc.

Copper can be found in:

  • Organ meat
  • Salmon
  • Pork
  • Duck

zinc for pet liver health


Artichoke is a great herb to use for liver disease. Artichoke leaves have similar properties as milk thistle. Like milk thistle, artichoke leaves protect the liver. They possibly even help cells regenerate!

artichoke for pet liver health


Turmeric is anti inflammatory, anticancer, and supports the GI system. Turmeric is also great at removing waste to help promote a healthy liver. The key active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. 

Many studies show just how beneficial turmeric is for humans and pets alike. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti fungal, antiviral, and anticancer.

turmeric for pet liver health

Dandelion Root

While most still look at dandelion as an annoying weed found in the backyard, dandelion root is an incredible herb with many health benefits. Dandelion root helps stimulate bile production and increase circulation in the liver. This removes toxins from the body.

dandelion root for pet liver health

Burdock Root

Burdock Root is an herb best known as a nutritive liver tonic. This is because it has a high nutrient content and has the ability to cleanse the liver. Burdock root aids in detoxification and purification of several body systems. It serves as a filter for your dog’s bloodstream, flushing out toxins and helping the absorption of nutrients.

burdock root for pet liver health


Oatmeal contains soluble fiber that can help remove ammonia from your dog’s system. This is good for your dog’s liver because now the liver doesn’t have to process that ammonia.

oatmeal for dog liver health

Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is known to support the overall health of dogs. MCFA, medium chain fatty acids, found in coconut oil are thought to help the liver by reducing its workload and prevents fat from accumulating. 

MCFAs are antimicrobial and can destroy harmful viruses that can attack the liver. Although coconut oil is a healthy fat it is important to only add it to your dogs diet in moderation.

coconut oil for pet liver health

B Vitamins

B complex vitamins are known to support liver function. Vitamins B1 and B9 are a part of the liver detoxification process. Vitamin B9 is especially hard to get the proper amount from diet alone.


Many pets suffering from liver disease have elevated oxidative stress. This happens when the amount of free radicals in the body outweigh its ability to cope with them. Blueberries are full of antioxidants, and antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Blueberries contain a specific antioxidant called anthocyanins that can protect the liver from oxidative stress.  

blueberries for pet liver health

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are well known for their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. But did you know that they also have the ability to increase the liver's natural detoxification enzymes? The detoxification of the body is nutrient demanding and the more toxins in a dog's body the more nutrients it takes to complete this process. 

Sufficient levels of key vitamins and minerals are essential for detoxification. That is where leafy greens come in. They give the body the power to detoxify at its highest capacity.  

leafy greens for pet liver health


Choline is a nutrient particularly useful to the liver and eggs are a great source of choline. Choline deficiencies have been linked to liver disease. Choline is metabolized in the liver and helps break down cholesterol.

Other foods worth mentioning that also help the liver are:

  • Amino Acids
  • PLAIN Greek Yogurt
  • Spirulina
  • Antioxidant rich fruits
  • Nutrition plays a huge role in how you can manage your dog’s liver disease. All dietary and supplement changes should be made under the supervision of your veterinarian.

 egss for pet liver health

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