The Ultimate Veterinarian-Approved Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

The Ultimate Veterinarian-Approved Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

It’s the paw-liday season, and your fur babies deserve the best! Discover pawsome gifts handpicked by a vet in our holiday gift guide. From Fera Pet Organics supplements to cozy sweaters, give your pets a holly jolly Christmas!

It’s the paw-liday season! This time of year is all about spending time with our loved ones and letting them know how special they are, our sweet pets included! 

If your fur babies made the Nice List this year, they deserve an extra special treat. Explore our holiday gift guide for pets to find some of the best gifts for dogs and cats that I’ve given my stamp of approval. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Pets Created by a Veterinarian

Fera Pet Organics

The gift of a long, happy, and healthy life is the best thing you can give your pet, and adding supplements to their everyday diet is an easy way to ensure their bodies thrive.

Since your furry friends deserve only the best, we created high-quality supplements for dogs and cats made with the purest active ingredients. Not only are they great options for daily maintenance of your pets’ health, but they also address specific health conditions such as achy joints, a sensitive stomach, dry skin, and more. 

We would never offer your beloved pets anything that we wouldn’t give to our own fur babies, so you can rest easy knowing every decision we make is backed by science and created to help your pet look and feel their very best. 

Check out our Fera Holiday Bundle and stuff your pet’s stocking with the gift that will keep on giving! This merry package includes all of Fera’s essentials such as:

Don’t forget to check out more discounted bundles that will help your pet get started on the perfect supplement regimen.

dog christmas sweater

Sweater and Dog Booties

Baby, it’s cold outside! Keep your precious pets warm all season long with a brand-new sweater (bonus points if it’s an “ugly” Christmas sweater). On snow days and chilly winter nights, even the fluffiest pets will need an extra layer to stay toasty and comfortable. 

If your dog loves walks, investing in a pair of dog booties will protect their sensitive paw pads from harsh elements such as ice, snow, and salt on the sidewalks and roads.

dog and human matching pajamas

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Matching pajamas have become a popular holiday trend, and now your pets can be included in the festive fun! 

There are many pet and owner pajamas to choose from that will make you both look holly and jolly on Christmas morning. They’ll also be sure to stand out on your Christmas cards and Instagram photos. 

dog lick mats

Lick Mats

Any dog can enjoy the long list of benefits that come with a lick mat. These rubber or silicone mats come in all shapes and sizes and include a textured surface on which you can spread your dog’s favorite treat, such as all-natural peanut butter. 

This surface makes it more challenging for your pet to lick the spread off the mat, providing a stimulating activity that is both fun and delicious. Lick mats are also great for: 

  • Encouraging slower eating habits
  • Keeping dogs calm during nail trims or bath time
  • Alleviating stress
  • Supporting good oral hygiene

You can also mix your dog’s powdered supplements into the spread to create a healthy and tasty snack.

Grooming Glove

Regular brushing is an essential part of your pet’s grooming checklist. It distributes natural oils that are responsible for that fabulous glossy look and removes loose hair that can cause hairballs in cats or end up on your floors and furniture. 

Grooming gloves make a wonderful gift for both dogs and cats, even those that run and hide at the mere sight of a typical pet brush. 

All you have to do is put on the glove and stroke your pet’s fur as your normally would. The soft rubber tips will do the rest as they detangle your companion’s fur, remove any excess hair, and provide a relaxing massage for your pet. 

dog bed

Orthopedic Pet Bed

Every pet deserves a cozy nap spot. If you have an older dog or a furry friend with mobility issues, an orthopedic bed will be a gift they’ll enjoy all year. 

Orthopedic beds are designed to help relieve pressure points, improve mobility, and prevent conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and tissue injuries. They can also avert those unsightly elbow callouses from forming. Not to mention they’re exceptionally comfortable. 

slow feeder dog dish

Slow Feeder Bowl

“Chew your food” is wise advice. However, many dogs and cats are notorious for practically inhaling their food, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort among other health issues. 

If your furry friend is one of these pets, a slow feeder bowl is just what they need. These food bowls are designed with ridges, bumps, and nooks that your pet will have to navigate to reach their food, encouraging them to eat slower. 

Slow feeder bowls come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, but I recommend a stainless steel or ceramic bowl to prevent harmful chemicals and bacteria from leaching into your pet’s food. 

pet water dish

Pet Water Bottle

Whether you’re on a hike, traveling, or visiting your local park, staying hydrated is important for both you and your companion. That’s when a portable pet water bottle comes in handy! 

When shopping, look for durable bottles that provide an element for your pet to drink from. For example, some bottles come with a cup or bowl while others are designed with the ability to retract water back into the bottle. You’ll know which one works best for your companion. 

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