Liver Support

Liver Support

Your pet's liver is one of the most vital organs. It removes toxins from the body's blood supply, regulates blood clotting, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, and performs hundreds other vital functions. Keeping your dog or cat's liver healthy is essential! Incorporating liver supplements into their diet is important to keep their liver functioning at its best.

  • Liver Support for Dogs and Cats

    65 Reviews

    Liver Support for Dogs and Cats

    The humble liver is your pet’s unsung organ, providing more than 500 functions related to health and wellbeing—including detoxification, ...

  • USDA Organic Probiotics with Prebiotics
    Best Seller

    532 Reviews

    USDA Organic Probiotics with Prebiotics

    Tummy aches, loose stool, gas, low energy—it always hurts to see our pets suffer from intestinal issues. It’s why we created Fera’s Probi...

  • USDA Organic Mushroom Blend for Immune Support

    122 Reviews

    USDA Organic Mushroom Blend for Immune Support

    We routinely take supplements to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, and we believe that our pets should, too! That's why we created our ...

  • Detox + Revive Bundle
    15% off bundle

    2 Reviews

    Detox + Revive Bundle

    Let’s face it - toxins and pollutants are everywhere. While our pet’s bodies have natural systems to eliminate these toxins, sometimes th...

  • Healthy Aging Bundle
    15% off bundle

    1 Reviews

    Healthy Aging Bundle

    Want to keep your pet feeling furrrr-ever young? Stock up on longevity-boosting ingredients with Fera’s Healthy Aging Bundle! This bundle...

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